Gabriel Simmer

Infrastructure & DevOps

What I'm currently doing

Working as a Senior Platform Engineer in food delivery and logistics. Currently living in the United Kingdom. Working on some cool things for Furality. Playing around with various things in my free time.

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Minecraft Server Invites Go Svelte

Small service that generates links to Minecraft servers, whitelisting players ~gmem/minecraft-server-invites Svelte CouchDB

A website for my significant other to showcase her art work and more.

nvidia-driver-update-tool C# .NET

Minimal application for checking for NVIDIA GPU driver updates. gmemstr/nvidia-driver-update-tool

Platypus Go

Large-scale server usage monitoring leveraging websockets. gmemstr/platypus

pogo Go

Self-hosted podcast content manager and RSS feed generator. gmemstr/pogo

sliproad Go

Tie together file storage providers in a single unified interface and API. gmemstr/sliproad

Deploy Flutter Dart

CircleCI mobile client. gmemstr/deploy-app

Database Janitor PHP

Create sanitized database dumps. gmemstr/database-janitor

Drupal modules PHP

Various Drupal modules created both for client sites and personal use. /u/gmem


hue-webapp Python

Small web frontend and proxy for interacting with Hue lighting. gmemstr/hue-webapp

eink-dashboard Python

Lightweight eink dashboard/display using a Raspberry Pi. gmemstr/eink-dashboard

dotfiles Shell

Configuration files for Linux installations. gmemstr/dotfiles

REPLNote Clojure

Notepad with embeded Clojure REPL. gmemstr/replnote

banana-clj Clojure

Encode your data as the word "banana". gmemstr/banana-clj

whalepod Rust

Quicky generate Dockerfiles based on a template. gmemstr/whalepod HTML JavaScript CSS

Random HTML/JS/CSS experiements using Vercel functions. gmemstr/

circleci-api-scripts Python

Collection of scripts for interacting with the CircleCI APIs and collecting data. gmemstr/circleci-api-scripts

no-swears JavaScript

Small module for removing swear words from strings. gmemstr/no-swears

GTFO Terminal OCR Python

Analyze terminals from the "GTFO" game and extract information. gmemstr/gtfo-terminal-ocr