An API A Day


Keeps... other productivity away?

Update: GitHub org is available here with more info & rules.

I've been in a bit of a slump lately, NodeMC hasn't been as inspiring and development has been a bit slow, other projects are on hold as I wait for third parties, so I haven't really been working on much development wise.

So I can up with a challenge: An API A Day.

The premise is simple -- Every day, I pick a new API to build an application with from this list (from reddit). From the time I start I have the rest of the day to build a fully-functional prototype, bugs allowed but core functionality must be there. And it can't just be a "display all the data" type app, it has to be interactive in some form.

An example of this is Artdio, which was the inspiration for this challenge. I built the page in about 3 hours using SoundCloud's JavaScript API wrapper, just as a little "how does this work" sort of challenge.

So how is this going to be organised?

I'm going to create a GitHub organization that will house the different challenges as separate repositories. To contribute, all you'll need to do is fork the specific day / API, copy your project into it's own folder (named YOURPROJECTNAME-YOURUSERNAME), then create a pull request to the main repository. I don't know the specific order I personally will be going through these APIs, so chances are I will bulk-create repositories so you can jump around at your own pace, or you can request a specific repository be created.

If you have any questions or need something cleared up, feel free to tweet at me :)