I discovered a /r/programmingcirclejerk of NodeMC...


Haters do exist, but hey, publicity right?!

So recently I was looking at the graphs for NodeMC's traffic on GitHub and realized... there was a thread from /r/programmingcirclejerk (which I won't link for obvious reasons) that was directing a bit of traffic (actually quite a bit) to the GitHub repository. So out of idle curiosity of just having woken up, I decided "Why not?" and opened up the thread. I was greeted with what on the surface seemed like hatred towards me and my product but upon further investigation I found it seemed more general mockery towards a few of my decisions or wording -- or just Node.js in general. So let's analyze and reply to some comments!

Top comment

So this is obviously attacking my wording in the README... I claim that because NodeMC is written in Node.js, it is fast. And I admit, maybe Node.js in general is not that fast. However -- NodeMC has actually proven to be quite speedy in tests, so I stand by my statement, perhaps with some tweaked wording...

This is most likely touching on (or slapping) my little confusion about *nix permissions. The EPIPE error was due to the fact Java couldn't access the Minecraft server jarfiles, and was throwing an error that Node.js just had no f*kng clue what to do with it. I did manage to fix it.

Unfortunately, I do have to agree with this commenter, Node.js isn't exactly the most reliable thing, and most definitely not the easiest to debug *grumble EPIPE grumble*. Now that said, it's not as unreliable as Windows 10 *badum tish*.

And the final comment. I do want to learn Ruby at some point. But I did laugh when I saw this lovely comment.

And of course, my comment, to finish off the pile of steaming comments. I love you all~