Improving Old Sites


The magical 15%

Because of the nature of my schooling (mostly online), I'm provided with a lot of very old, often dead, links. But, when a link does work, I'm often greeted with a hideous site.

I realize this is probably a joke site at this point.

(This wasn't for a school thing by the way).

How do you improve such a thing! Well, first is my magical "padding by percent". Open up the "Inspect Element" tool and let's get to work.

I tend to go for a padding of about 15%. It's usually a pretty comfortable place to be. But... that background... and that font... let's tweak that. Just a bit.

Much better!

A few simple steps goes a long way to improve the ability to use and read a site.

The entirety of my tweaks.

Obviously, this is a lot of work for just one little site. But hopefully soon I'll be able to get my own custom Chrome plugin working for this, because it's one of my biggest issues with using the web.

And for my next post, I'll talk about the benefits of learning how to use a .htaccess file!