My Career


This is less of a resumé and more of a look back at some of the projects I've been involved in, most of which failed -- and usually not because of me.

I believe my first ever attempt to make a name for myself was as part of the long-defunct "NK Team".

I was involved pretty early on

I joined on because of my "skills" (aka I knew how to do HTML -- barely) to develop the website. I also became their PR person, handling the Twitter account. It went okay, honestly. We were building a prison Minecraft server and actually had a fairly nice sized community built up. It fell apart when I left after realizing where things were headed, and that Andrew, the leader, was a complete and utter dick.

Last ever tweet from the account

I believe my second team I joined was Team Herobrine, a modding team my cousin was already a part of.


It was attempting to bring an Aether-level mod that featured "Herobrine's Realm". And looking back, it was doomed from the start. The lead was a kid probably around 11 (I honestly don't remember) who, while he did create an actual working mod that I tested myself, I am convinced he just took some sample code and threw it together. It really went nowhere, and eventually fell apart when the lead developer stopped showing up on Skype. Honestly, it was a cool project that did have potential.

I don't quite remember what order some of these projects/groups come in, but this was around the time Team Herobrine was dying off. My friends and I from high school decided we wanted to make our own Minecraft server, named Tactical Kingdom.

It actually got pretty far in -- we were pretty much ready to launch, but then our host disappeared in a puff of smoke, taking with it our hard work and money. I still haven't learned to do frequent backups of anything though. (You can go check out the crappy website courtesy of the WayBack Machine here

I pause here to reflect and try to recall what else I did. I honestly can't remember. I did some solo projects, mostly bad maps nobody should play.

Later on, more recently, I applied to be a map builder for the infamous SwampMC server, where I met some wonderful people, on of which I now hold very close to my heart.

(Sadly, I can't find the first Tweet from when I joined.)

It was a cool community with some awesome people. But sometimes awesome people don't work well together, especially when people overlap in power. Power struggles caused the server, and the spinoff HydroMC (or HydroGamesMC depending who you ask) to disappear, the group of friends once dedicated to it now completely disintegrated. There is a bright side to it though. While working on it, I became the developer, and developed my coding ability, which has landed me as CTO of Creator Studios.


Which is utterly fantastic. I do enjoy developing things on my own, but I do like having guidelines and rules to follow from time to time too.

There's probably other projects I was involved with that I have forgotten. If any come to mind, I'll probably do a follow up post about them. And to any wondering about Total Block SMP, that's something I will be discussing later.