State of the Union


Where are the projects at?

I have a lot of projects on my plate right now. While also a full-time student, I am also working on expanding my portfolio and knowledge for the real world, which means a lot of projects.

My current project I'm focusing on is the podcast hosting app written in Go, named Pogo. It's a straightforward CMS for managing podcast episodes, and automatically generates an RSS feed. It is more than stable in the current release, and I'd personally feel confident using it in production (your mileage may vary). Pogo currently features multiple user support, a flat directory structure for storing episodes alongside their respective shownotes, mostly correct RSS (few bugs to iron out, but all readers I have tested manage it fine), and a rich admin interface built out in Vue.js, which includes custom CSS and episode management.

I am currently working on the user management aspect of Pogo, implementing a much more sane method of storing and modifying user accounts, and looking into permissions for restricting certain functions. Previously, users were stored in a JSON file, became notoriously difficult to manage in Golang (not impossible however). Thus, I have moved to the much more portable SQLite3 -- I do have plans to explore the possibility of picking SQLite3 or MySQL (or MariaDB etc.), however I plan to focus most of my efforts on ensuring SQLite3 compatibility. With this will come an admin interface for adding and managing users, which in the current release requires you to manually add them into the JSON file (and manually generate a bcrypt hash...). Once the users branch has been merged into the master branch, work will be done to rework the frontend to use Vue.js instead of plain JavaScript. I've also been really happy with the current traffic and outside contributions thanks to my efforts to promote it "organically" and Hacktoberfest, from which some contributors have found the project.

Another project I've been looking at again is Platypus. The simple real time server usage monitor I wrote back at GGServers has been lying dormant for a long time, and I can't remember where I left off. It was ready to be deployed, but was not the focus of the company at the time and I ended up moving it back to my personal Github. I'm still very proud of the achievement of writing such a platform in Python, but I want to start rewriting it in Go. The reasons are twofold; one, I have become very familiar with Go in the past few months, and believe it could offer much better performance when it comes to scaling the application. It's never really been tested at the large scale it should have been, and I'm still a bit leery of the aspect. I do want to reach out to some larger companies to see if they'd be interesting in giving me a hand with this. Regardless, a rewrite in Go + Vue.js is definitely on my mind, and improving the AOR interface so anyone can write their own version in whatever they already have on their server.

And I continue to work on articles for Git Galaxy, writing about whatever comes to mind when it comes to open source software. I'm currently working on a Hacktoberfest experience roundup, and researching another opinion piece along the lines of the Opening Schools to the Students. Analytic numbers are looking solid, and I am more than happy with how it's turning out.

That is the state of my projects.